The start to 2013 and the new team

So 2013 started with recovery.

At the end of 2012 I did this.


It’s not broken. It’s worse.

I’m slowly getting back up to speed but the ankle has still not healed. Riding the bike is fine and is only an issue on cold wet days. Running for long distances is a big no and repeat runs day after day also aren’t good!

So, 2013 started with recovery.

The first race came about in the shape of CityCross –

If you think an hour of cyclocross is intense, try it when it is shortened to 20minutes. It was CX turned up to 11!!!


It was good fun and a sharp wake up call for the lungs.

Going to CityCross also meant I could meet up with some of the new team I’m part of for 2013 – The Kinesis Morvelo Project (KMP).


The KMP has also meant a new bike and kit. Things I get excited about!

So… the new bike is… a Kinesis FF29. (See ‘Bikes‘ above for more detail)

So far it’s been out on two rides (it’s only been built for 2 days).

Possible the harshest riding conditions in the past few years. Snow, ice, huge drifts and very strong winds. Good fun all the same! It would be boring if it was nice all the time.


I had also planned to ride at the WMBC (Whinlatter mountain bike challenge) but due to the weather, It has been postponed to a later date – which now clashes with another race… not a rant for now though.

So here’s to the new year and new team – The KMP.

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