As things start to get better…

So, you have a bit of extra blubber after the winter to get rid of before summer?

I have just the thing for you.


I ended up catching it from someone at work and it hit during the Easter break.



An awesome ride in awesome conditions at Hamsterley with some great people.

The snow was tricky and led to a few trips over the bars, but a great fun day out.



Spent the day with Roz walking around the Metro before heading to Chopwell Woods for a ride on some of the less riden singletrack. Excellent ride, but started to feel ill.


Later that night I was sick. A lot.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were written off.

I’d lost 4kg and didn’t feel very strong.


By Wednesday I was eating again and back to work.

Today is Thursday and I’m back on the bike – albeit rather slow, it was good to be out on the FF29.


Here’s to tomorrow and the weekends riding!



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