Morzine / Lets Gets

After leaving Chamonix we drove to Morzine where we set up camp and started to relax.

I was still stiff and didn’t want to bike just yet so we decided to go for a walk/run.


My lungs took a little time to warm up but soon enough I was feeling better.

The lifts had just closed in Morzine so the trails were quiet. With the weather bring warm and the CCC now out of the way, life was feeling pretty good.

The next few days we bought a lift pass for Les Gets. Marin had a few crashes, nothing major, and the weather stayed dry and warm during the day.


However, It dropped to 2degrees on the night!

It was nice to ride there when the trails were so quiet. No queues. No catching up to riders. Bliss. Apart from the braking bumps.


After checking the weather, we decided to go to Annecy and skip Verbier. The weather was in the high 20’s and it was relatively quiet (for Annecy anyway).


We decided to climb Mont Veyrier and take the bikes for a walk.



The ascent was long and hard, but it was worth it for the switchback descent all the way back down to the lake.

Riva del Garda

After a few days, the weather looked to be getting better at Riva del Garda so we decided to drive down as a last minute decision and stay there for a few days.


The days were hot, a lot hotter than Annecy. As always, the winds picked up later in the day to give a nice cool breeze.



We had a few thunderstorms on the nights, but this left the days in perfect sunshine.




As a treat, I took Marin to Venice.


I was in two minds on what photos to take.

Nice shots to make it look like a nice place, or what it’s actually like. Tourists everywhere. Buildings falling apart. Flooded streets. Litter and fag buts. Graffiti. Smells of rotten fish.



I tried to take nice photos instead.



One last stop.

St. Anton

On our way back up north we passed through Austria and stopped off at St Anton for a quick run and a longer swim.

It was cold and damp. Still a nice place to be.


Then it was time to head back.

After three weeks away, it was good to be home.

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