Sometimes you don’t appreciate what is on your doorstep.


Dry trails, not a soul around. It’s hard to beat.

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Despite the crowds, it’s still an impressive mountain (well, striding edge is anyway).

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New bike

A new bike gave me the opportunity to ride something I’ve never properly attempted before. The black at Grizedale.

It’s short, but there’s some techy stuff and big jumps. I’ve ridden it a few times, just never attempted to clear the big stuff. Still need more confidence on this stuff.

04 05


One of my favourites. It turned out to be a nice night. Less than

08 07 06

Glentress and inners

I wanted to take the new bike somewhere. Marin hadn’t ridden Wales or Scotland. There’s two options for a weekend away. I decided we should go to Glentres/Innerleithen first. It’s a little closer to Durham (less than 2.5hrs)

It may have been a little damp, but it gave me the opportunity to ride some fun stuff on the bolt and Marin to practice speed and corners.

03 02 01

Where next?

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