2014 was a bit of a change for me.

I had a good start with a SS win at the Whinlatter MTB challenge.


I found Marin. One of the best things to happen to me.



We had a good Eurotrip.


I finished the CCC – 101km trail run/race.


And I started skiing.


2015 also started well.

It started out of the country. In snow. That can never be bad.

However, on return to the UK, I wasn’t getting the time I needed or wanted on the bike.

I have found myself running more and more.

I guess it’s always easier to run in the horrible weather over getting the bike out.

A quick trip to China – 8 flights, 5 factories, 1 week – then back to move house, followed by a trip to ISPO trade show in Munich, Germany.


I’ve also been riddled with cold for some reason. Catching it from the office, and then catching it from Marin over in Durham – universities/schools are always bad.

As a birthday present, I took Marin to Edinburgh. A good excuse to get the camera out.


We then decided to take a trip up to Glencoe and Fort William.

There was still a lot of snow up there and Marin had never been. I was hoping to show her some slightly more impressive mountains and snow similar to those in Norway.

We had a good few days.

First, a few hours to have a look up to the Lost Valley where we messed around a little in the snow.


We then went to attempt Ben Nevis. The previous year I’d done a similar trip with some work friends. We only got half way before we got stuck in the snow.


This year, the weather looked good, even if there was just as much snow.

When we got to the half way point at the tarn, I’d released there was a lot more snow than last year. Luckily there had been no avalanches and all paths were walkable.

There had still been a few groups going further so we followed the tracks to the summit.


The views were stunning.


Even if it was a bit wild on the top.


When it came to the bike, it was just too wet and cold.


We cut the ride short and packed the van ready to leave early heading for my Mams house for Sunday dinner.

That’s when the weather got a little worse.

We’d only gone 30miles when we came off the road.

The police said we were just unlucky. We had hit some ice covered in a layer of snow right at the same time as a gust of wind on Rannock Moor.

We slid off the road down into a ditch.

The ditch was deep, 2 meters down.

We landed straddling a stream. Marin was half way under a bog.

There was a blizzard still coming in hard and a car gave us a lift to the next village so we could make some calls.

We ended up having a spend a night in a hotel there as they needed to use a crane to get us out. Not ideal.

The van was a write off.


Only two weeks after the crash, we lost the family dog, Ollie.

He was one of the biggest boxers you’d have ever seen. A guard dog, a best friend.

Gone, but never forgotten.

RIP Ollie.


Not the best start to the year, but every cloud has a silver lining.

Take the positives.

I have a new team, and some new bikes.

I’ll be riding on Singular frames.

Sam from Singular is so passionate about what he does. It’s a great brand to be riding with, and much more fitting with my single preferences. 

The first is my road bike. As I’m now car(van)-less, this will become my commuter till I find the right van for me. It’s a Singular Osprey. It’s set up at the minute with gears. I’m wimping out for now.


I also have a new single speed rigid mtb.

A Singular Gryphon. It’s a little shorter and lower than a swift making it a little better size for me.


Steel is real. You’ve all heard it. It’s all true. It feels so good to be back riding it.

Check them both out in the ‘bikes’ section.

Without a van I’m finding it hard to get to the races at the start of this season.

I’ll have something sorted eventually but for now I’m just going to be enjoying the weekends, commutes, and evening runs.




I’ve got a few trips to Norway coming up also. Time to get on the skis for one last time this winter!

The rest of 2015 looks to get better.

A possible attempt at a BGR and then another try at the CCC. Let’s hope I don’t have the same issues as last time.